The TICTAC Guide represents an innovative informal educational programme that can be used by any employee who is working in public institutions or any adult people interested in the solution of problems related to their local communities. The process of design of this Guide has been mainly based on the experience and expertise of project partners and on the Needs Analysis conducted regarding the target groups of the project in order to fit its content to their reality and expectations.

The Guide contains relevant information about funding opportunities coming from the European Union in the sectors people from the target group work in and also successful projects, that will increase motivation for further work.

You can download the TICTAC Guide here.

If you are interested just in some parts of the Guide you can download the individual chapters below.

  1. Overview of EU Funding Opportunities
  2. Relevance of EU Funding for Cities and Regional Administration
  3. Guide for Effective Use of These Opportunities
  4. Best Practice Catalogue of Successful Projects